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  • 50 Years and Counting
    Thoughts on receiving the IBMS 50 Years' Service Medal
  • Barbecues and a Possible Increased Risk of Cancer?
    If you’re a UK resident, you’ve probably been sadly disappointed with the number of so-called Summer days which are conducive to getting out the BBQ. But, whilst reflecting on some happy grilling tim...
  • Fast-foods Implicated in Childhood Asthma and Eczema?
    And so, after many decades of implicating fast-foods as the root cause, directly or indirectly, of a multitude of ills, there’s a possible new set of ailments to be added to the burgeoning list . . . ...
  • IBMS Congress, 23 – 25 September, 2013, Birmingham ICC
    The 2013 IBMS Congress is shaping up to be one of the most comprehensive and exciting gatherings of Biomedical Scientists.
  • Beautiful Nails – at what Cost to Health?
    Few of us – particularly the male contingent, can honestly say that they have failed to notice the near epidemic of women – and girls, supporting perfectly manicured and attractive nails with infinite...
  • How accurate are your new Drug Forecasts.
    Perhaps one of the most challenging tasks facing Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales teams is the accurate forecasting of potential sales of newly approved drugs.
  • Is there therapeutic magic in mushrooms?
    Mushrooms – or to be precise, magic mushrooms, are receiving heightened interest in pharmaceutical circles, essentially as a consequence of the media stimulation from former British government drugs a...

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