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Top 10 Candidates

  • Biotechnology Business Development Professional
    Commercial Biotechnology Business Development Professional with over 15 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and R&D across several Life Science sectors.
  • Business Development & Portfolio Planning Professional
    An experienced Business Development, Licensing and Portfolio Planning Professional, currently Head of Department, with a strong mix of scientific, strategic planning and marketing expertise.
  • Applied Statistician
    An applied statistician with a strong scientific and technical background and extensive experience of manufacturing and R&D
  • Business Operations Manager
    Business Operations Manager with a mix of Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry degrees and 12 years’ in-depth industry experience.
  • Professor Department of Molecular and Applied Biology
    PhD BEng(hons) BA CEng FIMechE FRSB, based in Kent, currently a professor of Molecular and Applied Biology
  • Clinical Contracts Manager
    Clinical Contracts Manager with Masters Degree in Intellectual Property
  • Microbiologist (Ref: 132215)
    Microbiologist, PhD Molecular Microbiology, with 6 years post-doc experience working within the Biotechnology industry. Primary focus, Virology.
  • Biomedical Scientist (Ref: 132218)
    Biomedical Scientist, State Registered, FIBMS with speciality in Haematology and Blood Transfusion. 5 years experience, post Fellowship, in routine Haematology laboratory of a major Regional Hospital ...
  • Molecular Biologist (Ref: 132221)
    Molecular Biologist, PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology with 3 years Post Doc experience in Academia and a further 3 years within the Pharmaceutical industry. Primary focus Genetics and Genomics.

About Us

A Brighter Recruitment Solution

Recruitment - "Identifying and placing the optimum candidate to the profitable satisfaction of both candidate and client."

The success of Scintillant Life Sciences is founded on its ability to identify the right calibre of candidates.

This is heavily dependent on the Recruitment Consultant’s attainment of a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements for each individual post and the skills, knowledge base and personal attributes of the candidate. 

This, we believe, is only achieved through the forging of a positive and professional relationship between both parties.  Acquiring that privileged position demands that our Recruitment Consultants are able to exhibit real industry-focused knowledge and hands-on experience. 

Scintillant Life Sciences believes it is able to offer such a service as a consequence of the many years of service of its Managing Director in the recruitment industry and its Lead Recruitment Consultant who holds Post Graduate Life Science Degrees and has spent over 40 years working within academic, government and commercial Life Science organisations.

What's in a name?

Selasphorus Scintilla - the Scintillant Hummingbird, weighing only 2g and measuring approximately 7cm, is found only in the brushwood forest areas of Costa Rica and Western Panama.  The male, weighing a mere 0.4g heavier than the smallest bird in the world - the Bee Hummingbird, has a distinctive iridescent orange gorget (neck feathers) which visually separates it from all other birds.