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Top 10 Candidates

  • Biotechnology Business Development Professional
    Commercial Biotechnology Business Development Professional with over 15 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and R&D across several Life Science sectors.
  • Business Development & Portfolio Planning Professional
    An experienced Business Development, Licensing and Portfolio Planning Professional, currently Head of Department, with a strong mix of scientific, strategic planning and marketing expertise.
  • Applied Statistician
    An applied statistician with a strong scientific and technical background and extensive experience of manufacturing and R&D
  • Business Operations Manager
    Business Operations Manager with a mix of Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry degrees and 12 years’ in-depth industry experience.
  • Professor Department of Molecular and Applied Biology
    PhD BEng(hons) BA CEng FIMechE FRSB, based in Kent, currently a professor of Molecular and Applied Biology
  • Clinical Contracts Manager
    Clinical Contracts Manager with Masters Degree in Intellectual Property
  • Microbiologist (Ref: 132215)
    Microbiologist, PhD Molecular Microbiology, with 6 years post-doc experience working within the Biotechnology industry. Primary focus, Virology.
  • Biomedical Scientist (Ref: 132218)
    Biomedical Scientist, State Registered, FIBMS with speciality in Haematology and Blood Transfusion. 5 years experience, post Fellowship, in routine Haematology laboratory of a major Regional Hospital ...
  • Molecular Biologist (Ref: 132221)
    Molecular Biologist, PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology with 3 years Post Doc experience in Academia and a further 3 years within the Pharmaceutical industry. Primary focus Genetics and Genomics.

A Brighter Recruitment Solution

Our lead Consultant has a Post Graduate Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and over 40 years experience within the Life Science Industry, gained from both Research and Commercial roles.  He is acutely familiar with the essential expertise and knowledge requirements which must be embodied within successful scientific and clinical teams, so much the principle drivers of profitable discovery within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and in vitro Diagnostic sectors.

Alex Watson

The growing diversity of clinical science in terms of both disease focus and enabling technologies demands that the successful placement of candidates requires in-depth, compatible matching to the position brief.  We actively research the relevant scientific community to identify potential candidates that are wholly compatible to the position brief and specification.  Our Candidate evaluation process ensures that we can be confident that each possesses the essential matching profile from a scientific, attitudinal and aspirational perspective and embody the core values sought by our clients.  In the placement of more senior scientific roles, candidate evaluation may demand the assessment of the relevance of their historic research experience within the post target focus.

As members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), we closely adhere to their essential standards, practices and code of ethics.