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Top 10 Candidates

  • Biotechnology Business Development Professional
    Commercial Biotechnology Business Development Professional with over 15 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and R&D across several Life Science sectors.
  • Business Development & Portfolio Planning Professional
    An experienced Business Development, Licensing and Portfolio Planning Professional, currently Head of Department, with a strong mix of scientific, strategic planning and marketing expertise.
  • Applied Statistician
    An applied statistician with a strong scientific and technical background and extensive experience of manufacturing and R&D
  • Business Operations Manager
    Business Operations Manager with a mix of Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry degrees and 12 years’ in-depth industry experience.
  • Professor Department of Molecular and Applied Biology
    PhD BEng(hons) BA CEng FIMechE FRSB, based in Kent, currently a professor of Molecular and Applied Biology
  • Clinical Contracts Manager
    Clinical Contracts Manager with Masters Degree in Intellectual Property
  • Microbiologist (Ref: 132215)
    Microbiologist, PhD Molecular Microbiology, with 6 years post-doc experience working within the Biotechnology industry. Primary focus, Virology.
  • Biomedical Scientist (Ref: 132218)
    Biomedical Scientist, State Registered, FIBMS with speciality in Haematology and Blood Transfusion. 5 years experience, post Fellowship, in routine Haematology laboratory of a major Regional Hospital ...
  • Molecular Biologist (Ref: 132221)
    Molecular Biologist, PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology with 3 years Post Doc experience in Academia and a further 3 years within the Pharmaceutical industry. Primary focus Genetics and Genomics.

How accurate are your new Drug Forecasts.

Perhaps one of the most challenging tasks facing Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales teams is the accurate forecasting of potential sales of newly approved drugs.

This quite imprecise science is, however, an essential element in the whole operational and commercial planning mechanism. Getting it wrong can have serious financial consequences and demand the refocusing of the portfolio management strategy.  In a startling and revealing report, "The Industry's Brightest Hopes: Where Are They Now?" published by EP Vantage, the London based, award* winning team of Journalists, we learn just how accurate – or inaccurate, some of those predictions have been, particularly when some have been expected to be ‘Blockbusters’.


approved drugs from the point of launch and compared these numbers to actual performance.  The report identifies those products which have significantly underperformed and those that have gone way beyond expectations in terms of predicted sales.  One of the worst sales versus forecasts ratios for a new anticipated blockbuster was Pfizer’s gastrointestinal drug, Relistor.   With sales of only $37million against a projected $865million for the same period, the forecast was 96% adrift. Intermune’s Esbriet, indicated for pulmonary fibrosis, was close behind with revenues of $785million below forecast, or 86% below plan.  Incivek, Vertex’ Hepatitis C medication, performed little better with a shortfall of $3.4billion.  The top 10 underperformers collectively returned under-forecast performances totalling $15.2billion, equivalent to 73% below forecast.

Fortunately for the industry, there are some very positive examples of new drugs which have significantly outperformed their bullish forecasts.  Leading the field in these successful launches is Gilead’s HIV drug, Stribild which, as a consequence of significant sales returns, is now showing a potential of $2.39billion against an original forecast of $0.84billion. Bristol-Myers Squibb’s monoclonal antibody for melanoma, follows Stribild with new projections of $1.56billion based on sales performance as against an original expectation of $0.87billion.  A similar over-performance of 76% is granted to another monoclonal – Perjeta, indicated in combination with trastuzumab and docetaxel for the treatment of patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.  The therapy is now estimated to achieve sales of $1.89billion as against original tentative predictions of $1.07.

The top 10 over-performers didn’t quite manage to wipe out the deficit created by the underperformers.  Collectively they are now credited with enhanced sales projections $5.78billion above initial aspirations of $11.96billion.

To learn more about EP Vantage or read more of their incisive reports and market evaluations, please go to the following link.?



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EP Vantage is a team of experienced journalists, providing timely financial analysis of regulatory and patent decisions, marketing approvals, licensing deals, and M&A, giving fresh angles and insight to both current and future industry triggers.


* European Mediscience Awards, 2011